When Blobs Grow Legs

After an apocalypse, there is nothing but blob waste left. Who's going to clean this mess up?


Play as a blob that has grown legs and take hold of an arsenal of weapons to clean up the blob mess on earth.



The game is so far, unfinished - only the Tower Defense part is working


The game was orginally developed by David and Yashan for a software development assignment. Since then, we saw potential in it and continued to develop it.


Currently licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. You are allowed to distribute in any way you like as long as you link it back to this website

Potential iOS port

We may consider to port this game to iOS in the near future when we have time

At the moment, we have a teaser mockup working but that's all. If you want to see the teaser, add our repo in Cydia and download the "WBGL Teaser" package.

Our repo address is http://repo.dreamzero.net/